I recently started to re-learn JavaScript from basics, so I found two quite mysterious things, which I never watched in any tutorial or read in a book before.

1 — Infinite-Arrays

let sequence = [1,2,3];
console.log(sequence[3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3][3]);// just go on forever.

First we made an array with three elements in it. Then we pushed the array to itself. Now you can forever access the array on its last element, it won’t give any errors; Try to run a for loop on the sequence array it may give you a little surprise. :);

2 — A little quine with array.reduce() method

const filtered = [2,4,10].reduce((a …

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. — Fight Club

Hey! My name is Alan and I bought a giraffe. — Hangover Part 3

2020 is here. We have just celebrated Christmas and another great day is about to come. So, to make your New Year a happy one, here are some great movies for you.

1 — Hangover Part 3 Hindi+English

You can download this movie in Hindi and English from here.

Without COMMITMENT you will never start and without CONSISTENCY you will never finish. — Denzel Washington

Every day many people decide that they want to become a programmer or software engineer, but after two or three months they quit. They quit because they do not know the path to become a programmer. To become a programmer you must have both programming knowledge and motivation to keep learning. According to a study it is conducted that out of 200 only 1 can code.

After switching from one language to another, here are the 2 most important qualities to become a good…


a Software Engineer and obsessed with Programming. And lover of writing about Programming.

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